Installation on Windows 10#

Perhaps the easiest way is to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). WSL offers a fully functional Linux distribution that you can run from within Windows 10 (no dual boot). WSL is officially supported by Microsoft and its installation is very easy. Having installed WSL, you may proceed with Installation on Unix-based operating systems.

Other solution is, for instance, Cygwin. A note on enabling SIMD instructions (--enable-avx, --enable-avx2 or --enable-avx-512) under Cygwin is necessary here. To properly compile CHarm under Cygwin with SIMD instructions enabled, do not use GCC. Under Cygwin, GCC doesn’t seem to properly align the memory (required to execute SIMD CPU instructions). You won’t get any compilation error, but when running your program or the check program (make check), you will most likely get a segfault error. Clang, for instance, does its job properly, even under Cygwin, so is recommended in this case.